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Cats Are Tailors

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  • There are 40 items in the test. One point per item, in some ways you may get 0.5 point.Only one answer per item, please choose the simplest and strictest one as your solution.

  • The difficulty of the item is generally increased with the title number, but not absolute.

  • In order to get a more fair score, discussing with others and publishing your answers are strictly prohibited. 

  • You can submit many times if you want, but only two submissions can be accepted by societies.

  • If you think that some solutions are not unique, you can send two solutions for each of them.
    You must send detailed explanations for both solutions in that case. 

  • The fee per submission is 70CNY/12USD/10EUR. You can use Alipay or Paypal, my payment account is

  • After finishing the test, please send your solutions with the Submission Table.xls to my email: I will reply soon, if I do not respond in 15 days, please send it again.


Be careful:
You should choose one way to submit the test.
(a)If you only submit the answers.

  • If there are some points in the answer box, please let these points remain in your answers.

  • You can choose not to draw answer box, but please make your answers vivid.

  • If there are some points in the answer box, the answer should be linked by these points directly.(Except item 17, 28)

  • Your answers should be brief and complete.

  • Downloading the CAT Special answer paper is the best.

(b) If the answers are filled in to the items, you should make the items complete.

CAT is accepted by Light of Glory Society(争辉协会), Silver Horn, Opera House(歌剧院)Black Palace(墨楼)Night Society, Silent House(静宅)IOTHIQ SocietyTRIARIQ  SocietyDIMEIQ  Society​NEURON SOCIETY.

You can find NORM and STATS here.


Example one:

Example two:

The formal test questions

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