Dragon Ball Test(DBT)

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This test is not designed to test a person's true IQ, but the person who gets the high score is the smart part of the crowd.

Items include digital logic, but not just arithmetic, in addition, there are some graphical logic. Difficulty generally increases with increasing qid. A right answer is 1 point, and if numbers are right but symbol is wrong, the answer is 0.5 point. Using word documents to submit the answer is recommended.

There are many hints and clues in the whole test, and items can be easily to solve after understanding the clues. Mind should not be limited to just an single item, the whole test is like a map, the tester will seek the dragon ball, to summon the dragon.

Thinking over a week or more is suggested.

Discussing with others and publishing your answers are strictly prohibited, and any questions about the test can be asked through test@silenthouse.org.

Because grading this test takes my time, I charge a small fee, the fee for one submission is 80 CNY, and only first two submissions can be accepted by societies. You can pay through Alipay or Paypal account: silenthouse@msn.com.

The submission of DBT requires the following information:
Identity verification (your name should be clear, other personal information can be selectively covered)
your answers
The above information should be send to test@silenthouse.org

DBT is accepted by Silent House(静宅)Light of Glory Society(争辉协会), Silver Horn, Opera House, EYES OF TRUTHBlack Palace(墨楼)Night Society.

You can find NORM and STATS here.



1) 135,1925,?,164116425

2) 1,6,11,61,12,62,?

3) A,F,H,K,?,?,Z

4) 6,-5,9,0,?,9

5) 162536,73648,65871,65205,?,?

6) 797877,172872,?,240,0

7) 1,6,41,308.5,?,20576

8) 78182,15784,?,83303

9) 961,441,?,94


11) 12345,35679,?,?,0111344445789

12) 5779923232,34567,278,?,?

13) 135,365,?,36345

14) 21870,1215,?,15

15) ?,?,1231875,?

16) 10000,?,00020,40000,?,80000

17) abcdef,?,cabdef,acbdef,acdbef,?,fcdbea


19) A,H,?,N,?,W,X

20) 715,432,?,63134

21) 8O,?,O8,OO,?,8,?,X

22) 2211,335,47,255,?

23) 50,52,62,?,5.6

24) 0444444,3422222,?,

25) 215,386,4179,?,8131

27) 27,335,71,342,33,?

26) C,D,G,?,EE,?,LYPC

28) 10,5,3(1),?,2

29) 18,0,81,?

36) 6,5,?,9,X,4,?,1,X