The Witness

       Tang Chengfeng and Ji Xiang

 2019 3 14

    The Witness是一套高量程智商游戏,其灵感源于Jonathan Blow的第一人称冒险解谜游戏《The Witness》。测试者无需多余的知识,只需要模式识别能力。为保证测试的公平性和效应,请测试者务必独立完成。




有意参加测试的人请发送邮件至,我们会给您发送测试题目。提交测试的人请提交个人信息、你的测试答案(可以包含解题思路)和之前做过的所有高量程成绩至邮箱并转账80元人民币(前20份提交免费)至PayPal账号或支付宝:18225877326 QQ:1076474696 2623210647,我们会在14个工作日内给您回复测试成绩及分数分布情况。每个人仅限两次提交,收集到20份数据后我们会制做第一次量表。


    The Witness is a high-range IQ tests inspired by Jonathan Blow’s first-person puzzle game The Witness. It does not need extra knowledge but only the ability of pattern recog-nition. In order to ensure the fairness and effect of the test, testers must complete it independently.


Unlike traditional high-range IQ tests, each puzzle (Items with ? or specific explanation) in this test is not independent, but has some logical connection to other puzzles. The correct answer should not only keep the logic simple and beautiful, but also consider the logical relationship with other puzzles. Except some puzzles with special explanation, the tester should complete each ? to make puzzle logically complete and beautiful. Each puzzle has only one optimal solution. Every optimal solution brings you 1 point(If puzzle need your solution, you can get the point only when solution and answer are both correct), the final score is the sum of the scores of each puzzle.

If you are interested in taking this test, please send an email to or and We will send you the test. For submitting, please send your personal informations, All prior test scores on standardized and high range tests and the answers(ideas of your an-swers are optional) to or and transfer 80CNY (Test is free for first 20 submissions) to the PayPal account or QQ: 1076474696 2623210647, We will reply you with test scores and score distribution within 14 working days. Each person is limited to two submissions, and We will create first norm after collecting 20 samples.

You can download The Witness here.